Who are the scared and happy?

Welcome! My name is Becky, and I live with my wonderful husband, Rick ( AKA, RB who is also an occasional contributor on here)  outside of Baltimore, MD. This is a blog written to our future adopted child, Little One (AKA Lo, Sweet baby, etc) In here, we’ll  archive our journey through adoption, our struggles with infertility and our excited feelings on the potential parenthood ahead. We are “scared to be happy and happy to be scared” because adoption is a pretty scary experience, and as we’re finding out it is not for the faint of heart. But we’re so excited to be starting our journey and we’re hoping for a happy ending.

A little about us: We’re crazy silly. We’ve been married almost four years (Whoa jeez, time flies!). We have two crazy dogs, Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. And Ella Fitzgeraldine (see also: we’re crazy silly). We love to go camping, ride our bikes in the park, watch ridiculous B-rated movies and eat nutella on everything. I work as an event planner by day and make handmade soap by night. RB does something with computers (After four years of marriage, I still get confused by his way too smart for me jargon) and is the most kick ass husband on the planet, basically. I suffer from PCOS and HSD3B enzyme deficiency, and RB is pretty darn perfect (medically, anyway. His laundry folding skills aren’t quite up to par, in my opinion! ;D )  We’ve been trying to start our family since 2008 with no luck. We’ve always wanted to adopt, and finally, with a kick in the butt we’ve realized now is the right time.

Our journey may take several different routes, but as Robert Frost said:

“Two roads diverged in  a wood- and I,

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

Please visit our website, and share the word: www.RickAndBeckyWantToAdopt.com  

www.facebook.com/RickAndBeckyWantToAdopt – Please like us and share!

A few notes about this blog:

  • This is  a no-judgement zone. This blog is very personal and RB and I open ourselves up a lot emotionally and otherwise through these entries. If you choose to judge how we build our family, how we raise our children or how we live our lives please discontinue partaking in our journey with us.
  • There will be a lot of grammatical errors throughout the blog. This is not on purpose, but more because we write as we feel in the moment. I have made a conscious decision not to go back and correct or edit entries for the simple fact that the point of this blog is to record how we are feeling at that exact moment in time, and often that passion/worry/anxiety/happiness comes through in grammatical errors or poor sentence structure. Thats okay, its how we wrote in that moment. We’re not trying to win a Pulitzer here, just write to our unborn kid.
  • There will be omissions. We don’t always put down every single little thought that comes across about the subject, if we did this blog would be the size of Africa. Sometimes we leave things out because they are too intimate to share with the world, other times we leave things out due to simple forgetfulness. That does not mean they are things we do not care about, and omissions should never be taken personally. We also try to conceal names as much as possible for some kind of  privacy.
  • Comments are welcomed! Feel free to share how you feel in the comments, thats what they were invented for! Rest assured that if we have an entry where we feel uncomfortable receiving comments, we will disable them. So comment away, its how we know you’re reading!
  • Feel free to share. There are a lot of people out there in this big wild world going though the same thing we are, and the more all of those going through IF/adoption band together and raise awareness the better!



If you feel called to donate, our donation page is:


or paypal address: rickandbeckywanttoadopt@gmail.com

Our fundraising video: https://vimeo.com/65087413


7 thoughts on “Who are the scared and happy?

  1. I am so happy for you two! I can’t imagine the pain of infertility, but I’m hoping that adoption will bring the light into your lives that you’ve always waited for!

  2. Hi! Just ran across your blog through your link on the Parenthood facebook status. We are going through some of the same struggles as a waiting family and I found your blog so touching because it captures many of my same emotions. Good luck in your journey. I’ve learned it’s a tough rollercoaster but I’m sure we’ll all get through it and it will be worth every up, down, twist and turn one day… http://maybecrystal.blogspot.com/search/label/adoption

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