Mother Nature gives every bird a worm, but she does not throw it into the nest…


Three birdies of a feather, nesting together

Little One, this weekend your Dad and I grew wings. We sprouted feathers out of our backs, and in perfect bird fashion and with a big swoop, we began building our nest.


Thats right, we’re nesting.

…. Big time.


We kept telling ourselves we wouldn’t purchase anything until the homestudy was complete and in our hands. But then we saw a swing with an owl on it, and it was half price on sale. So we bought it… Just this one thing,we thought- nothing else. But then the matching diaper bag was on sale. And before you know it, we had this lamp in the cart:


I mean, really. It was far too adorable to pass up.

 And suddenly, we were nesting. We’re grabbing these little twigs (pretty fitting, since we’re doing a nature themed nursery) and slowly building our little nest. Next thing we knew, we were trying to figure out how to finagle a bulky car seat box into the car:


Your Dad has become quite the box wrangler. And your Mom is a giant goof who makes an idiot out of herself in stores, but has a good time regardless (don’t worry- we didn’t buy you the creepy pillow!):   Image

I have to admit, it’s really scary to be building a nest for the tiny bird we don’t have yet. But it feels good, and right. It feels right to pick out nursery colors and decide on what kind of awesome mural I’m going to attempt to paint on your walls. It feels right in our hearts to get these twigs together and begin building our future. We have faith that soon our tiny bird will fill the nest we’ve worked so hard to build.

My nerves have been terrible lately waiting for the homestudy approval. Though I know logically that we have nothing to fear, it’s a terrifying thing to put everything you’ve ever wanted in your entire life into the hands and control of someone else. But Lo, that is what adoption is all about. Trust, faith, and the deep unwavering knowledge that one day we’ll be a family and all will be right. We’re going to have to trust your first mother, we’re going to have to trust our social worker, and above all, we are going to have to trust our instincts.

All of this nesting reminds me of the Bob Marley song Three Little Birds. I try to repeat the lyrics to myself over and over, “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright.” Marley knew what was up.

It’s all about the positivity.

And for the record: I hope you like your nature nested nursery (try saying that one three times fast!)There will be sweet little deer, owls, trees, and of course three little birds by the doorstep.


Cause every little thing is going to be alright.


Waiting patiently in the nest for her baby bird,



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