If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.


Wow, Little One. The past two days have been a rollercoaster of opportunities and good luck.

Yesterday I recieved a call from a reporter from a local news station. They took notice of our website (which I had posted on their facebook wall) and wanted to do an interview with us about our adoption journey. We happily obliged, and ten hours later we had a television reporter in our living room asking us about our journey to parenthood. It all happened so fast!

We hope this will get us more exposure, that possibly the right person will see us at the right time. Yesterday was one of those examples of how amazing this life really is, Lo. When I woke up yesterday morning, it was a just like any other normal day. But one phone call turned into an amazing opportunity for us to get our story out, and life hit us with a huge stroke of luck. We’ve said this before, but we want you to take note of this: every single day in this world counts. You have the opportunity to make it great, never lose sight of that, sweet baby.

Tonight was another huge milestone: we submitted our home study packet. We spent two hours taking up three workstations in the print shop while we copied, stapled, white-outed, inked in and stapled again. Everything was in order when we took our neatly arranged pile of paperwork up to the desk and asked for the mailing label.

The kind woman at the desk took our papers and envelope and put them on the scale. Her sweet eyes looked up and us and she said, “The total’s going to be $11.11“.


Our jaws dropped.

We looked at each other. Just me and your Dad, standing in front of the precipice of our make it or break it moment, and this sign came out of nowhere. Our eyes locked, and we whispered to each other, “Make a wish!”  Our hands squeezed tight, and we let out a huge sigh of relief.


We hope you come true soon, Lo.


On pins and needles waiting for our next day of luck and opportunity,


Mom and Dad

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