I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

Little One, today is full of life. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to make everyday full of life, as it should be. This life we’re given is a short one, and we need to live it, soaking up every single second possible.

This morning felt light and dreamy. The rain came in yesterday, but today is so full of spring and sunshine that it makes my soul ache for the beauty of the plush green trees and striking blue sky (which unfortunately my tiny cubicle does not afford).

Despite the rain, yesterday was very productive. Our health department home inspection was tedious, but we passed. Our physicals went great, they were passed. We’re just a few steps away, over three quarters of the way done at the least. We’re getting so close to the finish line. It’s such an exciting time in our lives. This morning I booked a hotel and pre-registered for a private adoption workshop in a month. RB is excited about it too. We’re taking in as much information as we can: eating, sleeping, breathing adoption.

I have to make a note about this adorable thing your Dad does. It’s such a trivial thing, most people would not even notice it. But knowing your Dad, I know this little thing is a testiment to his love for you. Every time we hear the phrase, “Little One” – even if its not referencing a baby (ie, a car commercial where someone says, “I’ll take the little one”) your Dad gets this huge grin on his face and whispers to himself, “Aw, Little One.” It’s downright adorable, and it makes my heart sing every time I see it happen.

I have confidence that you’re out there, and that somewhere someone might be reading this and sharing out story, gettin the word out to the ears that are meant to hear it.

 I have confidence that soon, our day is coming.

I have confidence that in ten years, we won’t remember the paperwork, the waiting, the hard days. We’ll just be living our lives as a happy family, making memories each day.

We’re living every second of these precious moments before you come in to our lives, because we know once that happens we’ll be too busy pinching ourselves and being wrapped up in our love for you that we won’t notice that life is still going on around us.


Waiting for the common hour,



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