Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.

Two posts in one day. Nothing like making up for last time, eh little one?


Well heres the breakdown:

BM is still ambivolent. I feel like she’s starting to learn further and further into parenting.

I can no longer wait.

I’ve looked at agency fees: they would be at least $20,000 because of the income bracket we’re in. Which sucks. So I just emailed our lawyer and asked her what the laws on advertising for adoptions are in Maryland and beyond, what she thinks would be more cost effective, I’m moving on to stage 2.

My thoughts so far:

1. Create a website. Something that describes who RB and I are… I have to find a domain name still, but I’m thinking something along the lines of [ournames] Something a potential birthmother could come across.

2. Post flyers (pending a legality). I will create flyers to post in churches, grocery stores..anywhere they will let us post them. Nothing works better than some good old fashioned street marketing, and I know I’m a pro at it for sure.

3. Post ads (pending on legality). I will post ads online- craigslist, adoption websites like, etc.

4. Start an online social media campaign (pending on legality). No one knows the power of social media more than I do. I will make a facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, stumpleupon, foursquare, digg, reddit, linkedin, whatever in the hell I have to do to get the word out, I’ll do it.

5. Start word of mouth. I think now more than ever, we may need to come out about our adoption openess. Word of mouth is a powerful tool that I would like in our aresenal.

I’m going to word as hard as humanly possible to get to you little one. Come hell or high water,this will happen. Mark my words.I tried not to break down when I got the news that she’s still waivering, even though I knew she would. But I’m not going to take any of this lying down. I’m taking control because thats what feels right to me, and I’m going to search you out no matter what. You’re there, and I know it. I feel like I was put on this earth to find you. I’m going to work tirelessly to figure out how to get to you and make this whole thing happen.


I feel like I’m on fire- like nothing could stop me. I’m going to do this, one way or another. Its a choice how we react to things in this life: and I’m choosing to react with confidence instead of pain. I’m choosing to believe that maybe this situation is what is going to lead us to you in some way, and maybe not with you in our home in June- but maybe by forcing us to take the leap into adoption. I’m choosing to respond in my mind with courage over defeat, with perseverabce over surrender.

I’m nothing if not a fantastic marketer. Its my livelihood, and maybe I was given those skills for this very moment in time. Maybe I was blessed with these talents for the very road I have to take to lead me to you.


This is an epic journey, and this is not the end.


We’ve only just begun.

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