Groundhog Day

Hello little one, its RB.  Every day Becky and I think about you and what you will be like.  We really look forward to all of the experiences that we will have with you.  I am really hoping to be your dad.  I really want to be able to show you all the things that a dad shows to his children and Becky really wants to show you everything a mom shows to her children.  We both have said many times over that we really want to be your parents.  Everyday I think about being able to share experiences, knowledge and fun with you.  I think about the things that I hope to be able to do for/with you, as your dad.  I really want to be able to teach you all kinds of stuff, sometimes its moral stuff, sometimes its practical stuff and sometimes its fun stuff.   You see little one, all of those things that I mentioned are important.  I really want you to take away from all of this that I will always be there for you as your dad, no matter what kind of stuff is going on in your life.

I heard that the groundhog saw its shadow today, which means six weeks more of winter but Becky and I just don’t feel like it will really, truly,completely be spring until you are here.  We love you little one.

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