Random Thoughts

Hello little one, its RB again.  I just wanted to write in some random thoughts that I have.  I know Becky has mentioned in here that she would like to be able to breast feed you.  A few weeks ago we heard that they (scientists) have found a way to allow men to breast feed as well, don’t worry I wont put either of us through that.  We have one more day of January left after tonight is over.  Then it is February.  It is the coldest month of the year and the shortest, this year it is a leap year.  This means that the short month gets one extra day and this happens every four years.  The great thing about this one though is that although it is the shortest month, it is also a very big month.  As Becky has mentioned before, it is the month where BM will be counseled.  Also as Becky and I have mentioned it is the month that we will have our first meeting with the lawyer.  Another event this February that is crucial to our journey is the home study, which we need to initiate in February.

No one can tell you enough little one, how much you are loved and will always be loved.

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