Almost a Whole Other Week

Hello little one, its RB again.  It has been almost a week since I last posted on this.  So Becky already mentioned that we have our consultation with the lawyer on the tenth of February but it is definitely worth mentioning more than once, which makes it OK for me to bring it up too.  That is exciting because it is the next major step that we can take for this journey.

Becky has also already mentioned that she really wants to be a mom and  I really want to be a dad.  We both want to be able to be there for you.  We both want to be able to teach you things about life.   We both would really love to have the opportunity to watch you grow up and experience life.  I can remember hearing stories from my family from when I was a kid and all of the things they enjoyed watching me do.  I am thinking that would have to be a very awesome feeling to be able to celebrate with you every little step of the way, little one.  Becky and  hope that everything will work out, then we can actually get to be there for you for all of those things, among others. It cant be said enough that you will always be loved.

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