Whats in a name….

There are a few things RB agree on, and a few things we don’t. Thats what makes up a normal marriage. Choosing a name for you is no different.

We both agree on a male name, that one came fairly easy. We both like James Patrick with the nickname Jack. There are many reasons behind this particular name.

Firstly, RBs grandfather was nicknamed Jack. RB had a very close relationship with his grandfather, so this name would be an homage to him. Patrick is a strong name in my family, Almost all my uncles have the name Patrick as their middle name, and its a strong Irish name. James comes from a lot of places. We both enjoy the name, it’s a good name that carries well into adulthood (if you’re a boy Jack is adorable and playful, but when you’re thirty and hunting down your first hedgefund James sounds more professional than Jack anyday).

But heres where we woefully disagree: girls names.

RB likes very tradtional girls names (See: Caitlyn, Brittany, Megan, etc). I love old names. My favorites are Evelyn (it means wanted child – what could be more perfect?) and Genevieve. Of course, Genevieve is a mouthful for a kid, so the nickname would be Evie (pronounced Ee- Vee) for either Genevieve or Eveyln. RB thinks they both sound like ninety year old women and they conjure up an image of a ninety year old with blue hair and a one year pass to the local bingo hall. I, however, think they are timeless.

We do agree on a middle name for a girl though (but we both agree we don’t like it for a first name). The one thing we agree on for a girls name is the middle name of Hope. I normally hate, hate, hate the name Hope. But as a middle name, in this situation especially, I think its just perfect.

But Evelyn Hope, a child that was both wanted and hoped for– well that would describe you perfectly, little one.

But we’ve got a while to try and figure this one out. Hopefully its something we will be privledged enough to even have to figure out – but just the thought of it is exciting.

Of course, we could always go celebrity and just call you Little One forever.

What do you think about that, Lo?

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