Better than love, than money, than fame- give me truth.

Random Sunday.

Here are a few famous people that were adopted:


Babe Ruth.

The bambino. The Sultan of Swat. One of the best baseball players of all time. Learned the skill of baseball in an orphanage.

Another fun fact: was born in Baltimore and played for The Orioles.

Changed the history of baseball, and was adopted.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe.

Norma Jean Baker. Adopted from her mothers best friend.

Another fun fact: She’s was not only gorgeous, but insanely smart.

Changed the history of film and the standards of beauty, and was adopted.

John Lennon.

Mr. Beatles himself was adopted by his maternal aunt.

Another fun fact: Whatelse is there? He’s John Freaking Lennon!

Changed the world view on peace, changed the history of music and was adopted.

Steve Jobs.

The inventor of all things amazing was adopted one week after birth.

Another fun fact: by the time you’re in school, you might use iPads instead of notepads, all because of this guy.

Changed the history of technology and the way we access information, and was adopted.

Other famous people who were adopted:

Sarah McLachlan

Nelson Mandella

Scott Hamilton

Dave Thomas (of Wendy’s fame)

Faith Hill

Liz Phair

Jamie Foxx

Frances McDormand

Ray Liotta

Deborah Harry of Blondie


Don’t take this the wrong way, little one. Being famous is nothing compared to being a good person, and trust me, they don’t go hand in hand. My point here is this: you won’t be alone, and you can be anything you want to be. Don’t ever feel limited because you’re unsure of your exact genetic roots-  make it a jumping off point that you’re forging a new way in this world. Be the change you wish to see in the world, as Ghandi says.

I don’t only think about how you will coo as a baby cradled in my arms, but I wonder what you’ll grow up to be. And you don’t need to be an actress, a musician, a poltical leader or a baseball player to change the world. Most of the time the people that change the world are the middle men and those who are always searching for their career, they are often the most interesting and passionate people. And we’ll love you whether you make music that lives in infamy, or you live out your dreams as a lab technician or chef or nurse or teacher, whatever you wish to be in this world.

Just as long as you have a burning, inextinguishable passion for life.



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