Hello little one, I am RB.  We have not met yet but I already love you.   Right now, it is hard to believe that it has been just over a week since Becky and I found out about you.  I was driving home from work and I was almost home when my phone rang, Becky told me about the conversation she had with her mom just an hour before.  She was so excited that she could not even wait until I got home!   As soon as she told me, I was excited too!  You see little one, we are both so excited about you!   Although Becky is right when she says it can be scary because of the unknown, there are a lot of positive thoughts to think about We both have been thinking about you a lot since last Friday night.  I enjoy reading the posts that Becky makes to and about you, she really is the best.  I know she has already said so and I have already said so, but we both love you so much already.

Now the second week of our journey is underway.  We are waiting to see what will happen next but for now little one, I just wanted to say Hello.

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