Can Someone Turn a Light On?

It’s getting a bit dark in here.

To lighten the mood, I am going to let myself daydream for a minute. Actually, its not just for a minute because I seem to catch myself doing that a lot lately. But here goes.

I want to do your nursery in owls. I don’t care what gender you are little one, owls go adorably with everything. I want to take a picture of you everyday, partly because I am weird and partly because I will marvel at the miracle you are every. single. day. I want to take you camping. I want you to learn the joy and the beauty that RB and I so very much love in the nature thats all around us. I want to take you biking. I want to strap on one of those baby-bike cargos to the back of my bike and cycle up and down the boardwalk. I would love to see you at the beach, playing in the sand not a care in the world.

I think simple, everyday things like feeding you and quick trips to the grocery store will be amazing. Thats what family memories are built off of, the everyday. And I want to build them with you every. single. day.

When you are older, I want to take you on trips. When my sister ST and I were young, my parents took us everywhere. We went on trips to Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia. Even if they were only for a couple of hours, we felt like world travelers. I want to give that gift to you.

I can’t wait for the day you are old enough to ride the kiddie rides at Knoebels. I can just imagine what fun you’d have. I have no clue at all as to how you will look, little one (though no matter what you look like, you will be gorgeous), but I can still imagine the face you’ll make.

If you are a girl, I can’t wait to paint your toenails bright pink and dress you in tutus and bows. Unless, when you get older, you decide thats not your thing and instead you would rather dress in big T-shirts and jeans. Thats cool too. But if it is your thing, I would love to throw you a slumber party on your tenth birthday that would live in infamy for all the other kids on the block. If you’re more in to building robots, or playing football, or painting or acting or whatever it is you are into, thats fine too. Whatever theme you want, we would pull off a showstopper.

If you’re a boy, I can’t wait to play trucks with you, or listen to you play music. Unless, when you’re older, you decide thats not your thing and instead you would rather dress in dresses with pink nailpolish on your toes. Thats cool too. Whatever you are into, we will support.

No matter what tickles your fancy, we’ll love doing those things with you.

I can’t wait to pick out a Christmas tree. Every year we go to Home Depot, because we figure Whats the use? We know the trees come from a farm. But with you little one, we’ll go to the farm and cut it down ourselves. I can’t wait for you to see Christmas Village. I know your eyes will light up at the sight of all those lights, and you’ll probably kick and scream on Santa’s lap for the first time, but eventually you’ll love that part…or maybe not. And if you don’t, then forget about the Santa pictures. Our holiday photos will be taken in front of the tree instead.

There are so many family memories waiting to be had. And I hope I get to experience every one of them with you little one. It will be a beautiful life indeed.

And trust me, you’ll think the owls are adorable too. Promise.


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